Monday, March 8, 2010

Change of plans

It seems we have been thrown a curveball this week.  This morning Skylar woke up and her nagging post nasal drip cough was sounding worse.  After each cough she started gasping for air so we rushed her down to our pediatrician (who is still an hour away because we love him so much and don't want to switch).  She had also complained of her ear hurting.  Turns out my suspicion that it was something more serious than a cough was right.  She has an ear infection and pneumonia.  She has reactive airway disorder so it seems whenever she gets the same upper respiratory viruses as everyone else, they turn into something more.  She is on some pretty strong antibiotics so we're trusting she will feel better in the next day or so. It took three pharmacies to find it so either it's in high demand right now or it's not a usual "stocked" item.  Either way, I am grateful that we eventually did find it.  Now I'm in search of their chewable probiotics they are used to taking.  Our store stopped carrying them and we ran out about two weeks ago (coincidence?? I'm not so sure).

Bailey is 2 today and I'm hoping to get a birthday post together, but we'll see.  She started coughing this morning so we are hoping it resolves without any help.

I had intentions of posting five recipes for budget friendly meals this week, but it looks like I need to spend some time getting my family on the mend.

Sorry about the change of plans (but I'm sure you understand).

When life hands you lemons, you make lemonade.
Or in our case, when life hands you pneumonia, you make forts.


  1. Ahh poor thing. I wonder if Micah might have that "reactive airway disorder", his colds have turned into pneumonia many times. Hoping they all get well soon.


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