Monday, December 14, 2009

Not So Silent Nights

This kid.

I love that sweet face.  Her kisses and snuggles make me melt.  But it's not all sugar and spice.  I think the Lord knew what He was doing when He made her our third.  If she had been our first, she probably would have been an only child (funny enough, B's mom says the same thing about him).

She can destroy a room in less than ten seconds (which is how she got the nickname Hurricane Bailey).

If she's not happy, you know (it's hard to miss the screaming at the top of her lungs).

She literally doesn't stop eating.  She should weigh 40 pounds or more with how much she consumes, but she doesn't stop moving either, so she's still only 21 pounds.

She started climbing before she could walk.

Most recently......
She has decided she hates naps and bedtime.  It used to be so easy.  If you put her in bed, she would lie down, say nigh-night, blow you a kiss, and go to sleep.  Gone are those days.

Now she protests every nap and every night.  One night last week, we "battled" it out until almost 2am.  She was finally asleep in her bed and I went back to my bed, only to have her wake up screaming at 4am.  This momma's tired.  It's only been complicated by the fact that she has discovered how to climb out of her crib.  Two nights ago, her bedtime "fussing" turned into an all out "cry for help" so I ran into her room to find her hanging on the outside of her crib (two inches from the ground...but she didn't know that).  I helped her down and she spent the rest of the night in our bed (her favorite place to be).  She made it quite clear that we needed to turn her crib into a toddler bed.  I was hopeful that she would love the "new bed" but that was not the case.  Now, her entire schedule is off.  She falls asleep out of exhaustion at random times.  In random places.  Like sitting up in our bed. Or in her highchair.  Or the couch.

I'm hoping we can get back into a routine soon.  I miss my sleep.  And my bed.  She's lucky she's so cute. :D


  1. OH MY WORD HEATHER!!! But she's sooooooo cute. ;o)

  2. Oh my gosh - I could not help but laugh, although I know it is not funny!!!! I hope this "phase" only lasts a few days!!! You poor mama!!

  3. Oh, Bailey and my Reagan would get along so well...or kill each other. It could go either way. :) It really is a good thing they're cute! Bailey is just adorable! Praying for sleep for you both!

  4. God definitely has a sense of humor when it comes to children, doesn't he. :) But she is so stinkin cute!!

  5. Ever think about it being something in her diet? Becasue this sounds exactly like what we went through with Caleb. (Minus the autism of course!) We never got to sleep before midnight because he would not be still long enough to fall asleep. It was like he couldn't, like even if he was still on the outside his insides were vibrating. And even after falling asleep so late he'd be up again in a few hours like he was fully rested! But after we removed the gluten from his diet he calmed down. Then his doctor recommended giving him melatonin in the evening so WE ALL could get to sleep at a reasonable hour and hopefully not have to be up before 6a! But while melatonin helps him fall asleep, if he has managed that day to get his hands on too much gluten, we are ALL awakened sometime between 2:30-4:30a by him jumping on his bed singing at the top of his lungs!

  6. You were right when you said Bailey and my Em seem a lot alike! So sorry she's able to get out of the crib now. Emily, my perfect sleeper, has just started protesting naps and bedtime too. Fortunately it only lasts a few minutes unlike her brother who can draw it out for hours sometimes. Hoping Bailey gets into a routine soon and you gets some rest!


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