Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Ba-bye Binky, Hello Disneyland!

A few months back, Skylar said she was ready for her binkies to go away.  Yaya (my mom) had promised her that if she gave up her binkies, she would take her to Disneyland as a reward.  Skylar asked if Reagan could go along too so mom and I decided that we would make it a girls trip (well, a girls over two trip since we left Bailey with Daddy).  We decided to go the weekend before Thanksgiving since it would be decorated for Christmas but not crazy busy yet.

We left early on Friday morning and checked into the Disneyland Hotel! Then, we rode the monorail over to Disneyland.

This is the tree in Downtown Disney on the way to the monorail.

We had a fantastic day with the girls! They loved seeing Tinkerbell, eating ice cream, and shopping!

(yaya and the girls with the sun in their eyes!)

They got a little tired and hungry so we took the monorail back to the hotel and had a nice lunch and some rest time.  They got their second wind and we went back to the park.  Oddly enough, one of their favorite parts was playing at Goofy's house in his "yard."  There are a bunch of those soft climbing structures (like they have at our mall).  My mom and I were laughing about it, because they can play on those things anytime, but they had a blast because they were "free" to just play and not wait in line or hold someone's hand.

As we were walking back from Toontown (and Goofy's house) we realized that the Christmas parade (LOVE that they still call it a Christmas parade) was starting so we grabbed a spot next to Small World to watch.  Skylar fell asleep while waiting.  So sweet.

She woke up just as the princesses were passing and two of them even waved at her and blew her a kiss.  It was the highlight of her day!

Skylar on Small World ride

Reagan on the monorail (her favorite part).

We were there until almost 9pm and then decided to head back to the hotel to watch the fireworks from our balcony.  It was so fun! We sipped hot chocolate and covered up with a blanket.  The hotel has a "fireworks" channel that you tune into so you can hear the music that goes with the fireworks.

The next day we had breakfast with the characters, then shopped around Downtown Disney and headed home.

The girls with Jasmine

It was a great trip filled with memories! I'm so glad the girls had a fun time, but even more glad the binkies are gone from this house!

My babies are growing up.....


  1. What an awesome treat for giving up a binkie!! With Calleigh and Carson I was very strict about giving up the binkie, I think around 18 months. With Cydney, I am like...take it to Kindergarten, what could it hurt. Seriously...maybe not kindergarten, but I am just not as uptight about it. So proud of her for giving it up...on her own too!!

    PS...I would love to live closer. I would load all my gift in my car and bring them to you RIGHT NOW!!! None of non-blogging friends have made that sweet offer.

  2. What a fantastic trip! I'm so glad you were able to create and enjoy those memories with your mom and girls. Way to go Skylar too! We never really had any binkie issues here - Miss Em had her thumb and we took McGee's binkie away the first time he cried in the middle of the night when it fell out.

  3. That is awesome!!! Go Skylar! That is a great reward idea. Did the girls get to meet the Princesses at the backstage area (you wait in a long line and get to meet each one and get a picture with all of them). That is great about the Dland hotel having the fireworks channel and everything - sounds perfect!

  4. Ok, that looks like you guys had so much fun!! That is the way to do it, get a hotel so you can skip cranky time and get some rest to go back and do it all!! What a fun trip!


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