Monday, October 26, 2009

Sew Sweet Giveaway!

In case you didn't know, I have an etsy shop (Sew Sweet for Baby). Don't go looking for it though because there isn't anything in it right now :D

I've been busy sewing like crazy lately! Not on projects for myself though. There seems to have been a baby boom around here lately! So, I've been doing what I do when friends have babies...making blankets!
Here's a sneak peek at one:

Since I'm in the sewing mode, I thought I would let you know that I'm going to be doing my VERY FIRST GIVEAWAY!! My next post will have all the details, so be ready! You could win your very own personalized blanket like this one!

See you soon!!


  1. I did NOT know that you had an Etsy store!!! How exciting!! I can't wait for your giveaway; I was just trying to think of a baby gift for Tiffany!

  2. How cool about your Etsy store - I had no idea! What talent - that is a cute blanket! I will definitely be entering your giveaway when it comes up because my sister is having her first baby and I want her to have something special (plus I'm having a great time with giveaways this week). :)

  3. Cute blankie! I'm happy to hear you are sewing :)

  4. Heather, that looks adorable! What fun!

  5. Heather, I am thinking of putting together gifts for moms in situations similar to ours. I saw your blankets and thought.. how perfect! I don't know how many of these you make or what your costs are, but I do know that I am willing to invest some $$$ knowing the return is ssome comfort for those in pain. Maybe you can FB me and we can chat :)


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