Thursday, August 27, 2009


Here's our summer in photos of course:

Reagan with her kindergarten teacher on the last day of school

At Seaport Village in San Diego

Making adobe bricks at the Cowboy Jubilee

My birthday garden party (thrown by some wonderful friends)

Hanging out in the pack n play

Feeding the ducks (and being a ham for the camera)

At Disneyland!

Eating cotton candy for the first time (and LOVING it!)

At Mt. Soledad

Reagan on the first day of first grade

It seems like it takes forever to organize photos on blogger, so I've posted a link to my photos on facebook as well. There are a lot more on there. Enjoy!


  1. Fun! I and blogger don't mix well. Those posts always take me the longet to get right. Now I want pic's of the house! I'll go check out FB now...

  2. Glad you found your cable! Looks like a fun summer after all :) Are you all settled into your school routines already!? Next week here!

  3. What fun! Reagan looks so much older between the first and last pics. I agree with Corrina that I'm looking forward to house pics. :)

  4. :( I can't see them from FB anymore. Can you give me another option? Like upload 'em to Picasa or somethin'?? You all look very lovely. Reagan's hair is so long and Skylar's hair is so thick and full! It's been fun watching them go from fuzz to flowing. :)


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